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More Insight Into Injuries On Set

Shia is pretty vague on how exactly his injury was written into the Revenge of the Fallen script, but he does talk about getting beaten to a pulp and the restrictions he had with filming after the accident.  Associated Press … Continue reading

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Named Witness Steps Forward With Information

Another witness of the crash stepped forward today, this time with a name! Brian Perrulli saw the crash, and overheard some of what Shia and the other driver were saying. According to Perrulli: “Shia was tending to the other people … Continue reading

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Was Isabel Lucas The Passenger?

US Magazine has a report that the female passenger in Shia’s car at the time of the accident was his Revenge of the Fallen co-star, Isabel Lucas. This information is from a “source” so we don’t know how accurate it … Continue reading

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Witnesses, Pictures, and Speculation

Updates have been pouring in from various sites and news agencies.  TMZ has a picture of the accident as well as an account from a supposed witness. The picture is hard to make out, but you can tell that there’s … Continue reading

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DUI Arrest Update

According to CNN, Shia is only being charged for a misdemeanor DUI.  The other driver, and a passenger in Shia’s car only sustained minor injuries.  Shia is undergoing surgery on his hand.  He also injured his knee and his head, … Continue reading

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