Just Disturbia-ing

Disturbia prop - speaker wireI’ve got no problem with people having a healthy fascination with Shia.  Who wouldn’t?  But you can file this one under “way too obsessed.”  It appears that someone who goes by the name “LordofAnEmpire6” has gotten his or her hands on a prop from Disturbia.  Nothing wrong with that.  The prop is question is “the speaker wire that Shia Labeouf, or “Kale”, uses to plug in his ipod into the speakers in his bedroom to blast “lovin’ you” to ruin Ashley’s party. ”  Ok, so that’s cool.  I mean, if I had a chance to snag a prop, something like that would be cool.  But taking a picture of it and proudly displaying it online?  Um, that’s just… well, nerdy at best.  But that’s just my opinion.

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  1. HmmOk says:

    I think its cool. How can you call that person a geek for owning a peice from a movie, yet you have a website you proudly display called thankgodforbeef? Your just as creepy.

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