Enough LaBeouf?

This t-shirt has been circulating the internet and becoming increasingly popular. Personally, this just gives me one more reason to prefer Snorg Tees to Busted Tees. What do you think?

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5 Responses to Enough LaBeouf?

  1. Ben says:

    Just one more measure of his incredible success, eh?

  2. Aoutienne says:

    Oh common… they’re just jealous of his success!! Thank god for beef! 🙂 By the way —> love your page! 🙂

  3. I agree with the shirt, smart shirt there

  4. Me says:

    the snorg tees models are hot.

  5. twix says:

    oh c’mon, give the guy a break – it’s not like he’s doing anything else than what millions of other people his age are doing… like.. uhmm… smoking in public (uuuuh how bad!) and talking drunk sh*t to some security guy at walgreens (ok now THAT’S really bad!). of course the car accident sucks but there’s no proof that it was his fault or that he was drunk, seems more like bad luck to me and a miracle that it didn’t happen to one of those professional alcoholic celebs like lohan or ritchie already a long time ago. naturally it’s just what all the haters have been waiting for ’cause now they finally have a reason to point their fingers at him and say “that’s the bad guy” – you need people like shia! make way for the bad guy mwuhaha! whatever. shia rocks and i hope he won’t give gloating losers who are frustrated with their own lame lives the pleasure of seeing him fail.

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